Co-Ed Indoor Softball League 18+ Only

Who: Men and Women

When: Sundays, January 8- March12, 2017 ( 10 weeks

Time: Games between 7-9pm

Location: Players Indoor

Cost: $1295.00 with a $100 deposit ($12.95 per week per person for 10 person teams)


Questions?  Contact Gerry Healey at or 630-606-9820

Get your friends and Neighbors out for a fun evening of coed softball.  Games are 1 hour long and will take place between 7:00pm and 10:00pm Sunday evenings. The bar will be open and TV’s on.
Season will consist of 8 regular games and 2 weeks of playoffs.  Trophies to the winning teams.

Dates are as follows:

January 8, 15, 22, 29

February 5, 12, 19, 26,

March 5, 12 Playoffs

Enter all players information and each player will be able to pay their portion online through their link. Once the captain enters in players info a link will be sent to the player so they can pay their portion online.  This process also completes an online waiver.

Team balance must be paid by the 2nd game.

 Indoor Softball Rules 10.24.16

1) The ball will be a 14″ gymball (mush ball).

2) Line up will consist of alternating man/woman both on defense and offense.      A man may not play at a woman’s position, if a team is short women.

3) Batting order must alternate man/woman. Two men cannot bat back to back.      If no woman is present to bat in between, an out shall be  recorded in the woman’s spot.

4) All players may bat, provided the team has an equal number of men and women.

5) Batter will enter batter’s box with a 1 and 1 count. A foul ball with two strikes will be an out.

6) Home plate will be a mat. Any pitch that contacts the mat will be called a strike.

7) Any batted ball that contacts the wall, ceiling, or netting will be a live ball

8) Base stealing is not permitted.

9)  Games will last seven innings.

10)Each game will have a sixty-minute time limit. No new inning may begin after sixty minutes have expired.      Any game tied after the time limit has expired will end in a tie.

11) Women may wear a fielder’s mitt. Men are not permitted to wear a mitt.

12) Shoes must be worn.  No cleats are permitted. Footwear must be either gyms shoes or turf shoes

13) Team minimum is eight players; maximum is ten players.

14) Proper behavior is expected at all times.

All other rules will be in accordance with the current  (2016) ASA rules book.