Birthday Parties Made Easy! Planning A Party At An Indoor Sports Complex In Naperville

Birthday Parties NapervilleBirthday parties have come a long way in recent years. Although many families used to hold birthday parties for their children in their own homes, the current trend is to have activity parties. Children love them because they can get together with friends and have a good time outside of school and parents love them because they’re the easiest type of party to plan — pick the day and time and then just show up! If you’re considering having your child’s birthday part at Players, an indoor sports complex in Naperville, here’s what you can expect.

Look For An Indoor Sports Complex In Naperville That Will Provide A Fun Party Host

You need someone to move the party along, especially if the children are easily distracted. Look for an indoor sports complex in Naperville that will provide a fun and energetic host for the party. Before booking the party, ask the venue what type of experience the host will have and if you’ll have one host or two. One host can be enough, especially if the party is on the smaller side, but if you have a large group, ask about having two hosts to keep the party moving.

Look For An Indoor Sports Complex In Naperville That Will Provide The Food

What’s a party without food? If you’re not interested in hauling in boxes of pizza to feed your hungry guests, ask the indoor sports complex in Naperville if they have food available. At Players Indoor Sport Center, you can choose pizza, hot dogs and chips or pretzels and slushees, plus each party automatically comes with popcorn and beverages. All you have to bring is the cake!

Look For An Indoor Sports Complex In Naperville That Will Do All The Set Up And Clean Up

One of the biggest benefits of having your child’s birthday party at a venue instead of your home is that there’s no set up before the party begins. Look for a venue that will have tables set up for cake, as well as a special table for gifts and a fully decorated party room. Once the party is over, the staff should take care of all the clean up, which means all you need to do is coax the happy birthday boy or girl back into your car to head home!

Look For An Indoor Sports Complex In Naperville With A Variety Of Parties

There’s no one-size-fits-all child, and therefore your party shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all either! Players Indoor Sport Center offers two different party packages, plus seasonal packages depending on the time of year. Small children often do better with a shorter party, while older kids who have more energy love the chance to have a longer time to play on our indoor field.

An extraordinary kid’s birthday party starts at Players Indoor Sport Center. If you’re interested in learning more about our party packages or available times, please contact us at We’d love to make your child’s birthday an unforgettable one.

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