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August 2014 – Birthday Party Feedback

8/1/14 – Jason’s Party  – Becca host
I thought the party went very well. Our host was terrific. She split up the teams evenly and made sure all the kids got a chance to handle the ball/play different positions eric. Regardless of ability level. The kids also loved the slushies and pretzels. Twelve boys made a mess of the popcorn but it was good to have another option for kids to snack on. Couldn’t really ask for more. Thank you!  Marie

8/2/14 – Charlie’s Party – Connor and Tyler hosts
Thanks for following up! His party was great! Kids had a lot of fun- party helpers were super organized and good with the kids.  A wonderful birthday!

8/8/14    Blake’s Party – Becca and Will hosts
Everything was great.  The room was decorated so nice and the hosts were great too.  Thank you for checking in.

8/23/14 Kyler’s Party – Jack and Will hosts
Thank you very much.  Everything was great as usual. This wasn’t the first party we booked and most likely won’t be the last!

July 2014 – Birthday Party Feedback

7/7/14 – Oliver and Luke’s party – PJ, Becca and AJ
Thank you so much for the follow up.
The party could not have went any smoother!  The timing was perfect and having the place quieter worked out great.  The three helpers (AJ, PJ (?) and Becky ..sorry I may have the names wrong) were phenomenal.  They were actively involved, helped keep the crazy 8 year olds in check and couldn’t have been nicer or more willing to help!   We would not hesitate to recommend Players to anyone and indeed several kids told their parents they wanted their parties there!
Thank you once again for working with us and accommodating our weekday party.  It all worked out beautifully!

7/19/14 – Nick’s Party  – Leah and Tyler
Thanks for the followup.  The kids loved it.  They were all sports oriented and I honestly think they could have played all day long.  They are the age where bounce town doesn’t work anymore and this was a great next step for them.  I would probably forego the field hockey in the soccer field.  The hockey sticks “stick” to the surface.  I understand the finger skateboarding contest took that field which is completely understandable.  I knew that going in that it was an event you were hosting.
Anyway, we loved it and would certainly have it again at your facility.  The two helpers you had were fantastic too participating in the events.

7/18/14 – Carter’s Party
PJ was great with the kids.  It was fun.  Thank you

7/22/14 – Sam’s Party – Pj host
Sam and his friends had a great time! PJ was awesome. The kids loved the popcorn on the tables!

7/23/14 – Christopher’s Party – PJ & Will Hosts
It was fun!  All good!  Will & PJ did a great job.  It’s our 2nd party there, but it is expensive.  Thanks,

7/24/14 – Ian’s party – Rachel host
The party went great.  Please forgive me for not remembering the hostess’ name but she was wonderful with the kids.  I really liked that she would size up abilities of teams after they played for awhile and would reshuffle to make them more even in ability.  Suggestions for tag would be to make it a 2-person tag team since it’s a big field.  It was great to have the room this year and thank you for remembering the popcorn.  Prior year in the food court was not as nice.
Love the t-shirt.  Great addition to the party by having the kids sign it.