Top Ways Players Indoor Sports Proves The Perfect Choice For Indoor Soccer In Naperville

Top Ways Players Indoor Sports Proves The Perfect Choice For Indoor Soccer In Naperville At Players Indoor Sports, we often work with parents and coaches to create youth leagues for indoor soccer sessions in Naperville. We pride ourselves on delivering the right environment for our youth to gain a firm foundation and appreciation for the game that will last a lifetime. However, who says the kids should be the only ones having all the fun? At Players Indoor Sports, youth sessions aren’t the only leagues that we’ve become known for. Our state-of-the-art facility is also well known for adult indoor soccer in Naperville and throughout the region.


Key Benefits For Adult Players In Our Indoor Soccer League


Are you not quite sure that adult indoor soccer in Naperville makes sense for your team? Understanding some of the many benefits that you’ll enjoy when playing at Players Indoor Sports can help you make an informed decision. What’s the first thing you and your players will notice when checking out our 95,000 square foot modern facility? How well air-conditioned our building is! Not only does choosing us for your adult team mean you never have to worry about what Mother Nature has to dish out, but you and your team will also stay cool, no matter how intense the level of play becomes.


Speaking of intense play, Players Indoor Sports delivers on that front as well. We pride ourselves on offering THE adult indoor league facility in the region. If you’re looking for an opportunity to play to win, our leagues can help you and your teammates maintain a competitive edge. We offer two adult leagues (men’s and coed) that run for 8 weeks each so you can choose the right forum for your competitive spirit.


If you’re not really focused on competition, but are rather looking for a way to enhance your current level of play, we can help there as well. We offer a women’s skills clinic to help our female athletes broaden the scopes of their skillset. Whether you are new to the game, or looking to expand on your existing foundation, our weekly clinic is the perfect opportunity to bring your game to the next level.


Players Indoor Sports Offers A Wide Range Of Social Opportunities As Well


Of course, here at Players Indoor Sports, we know that athletes signing up for our adult soccer leagues don’t just want to compete and work hard — they also want to socialize and (most importantly) have fun as well! Fortunately, we deliver here as well. Sure, you’ll have plenty of fun and time to socialize on the field…but why let the festivities end when the game does? At Players Indoor Sports we offer a bar onsite for all of our adult patrons. You and your team can come and hang out and enjoy a cold beer together after your game for an added stretch of fun and laughs.


Want to hear more about adult leagues and soccer in Naperville? Contact us today.


Naperville Soccer for Children of All Ages

Naperville Soccer for Children of All AgesAt Players Indoor Sports, we cater to parents with children of all ages who are looking for fun ways to keep their young ones active all year long. What’s one of our most popular options? An indoor Naperville soccer session geared specifically for children.


Indoor Naperville Soccer: What Our League Offers Young Kickers


Not sure if indoor Naperville soccer makes sense for your young kicker? Understanding some of the many benefits that our Naperville soccer program can offer kids will help you make an informed decision. Getting your child involved in our kids’ soccer league offers a wide range of benefits that rival (and often surpass) outdoor sports.


What’s the first benefit parents recognize when singing up for our Naperville soccer programs? Mother Nature no longer poses an inconvenience. Playing soccer outside means running the risk of games being postponed or even cancelled due to inclement weather. However, using our state-of-the-art facility means that your athlete will be able to play in our cool, climate-controlled, dry arena, no matter what the weather is like.


Visiting our arena also means that you will be able to keep your child moving, even when it’s raining or cold outside. We often talk with parents who are concerned that they simply can’t keep their children active enough once the weather cools down. Signing up for an inside sporting session means that they will get plenty of exercise during the off-season months.


Key Benefits That Extend Beyond Convenience and Fitness


Additionally, choosing Players Indoor Sports for your child’s Naperville soccer experience means that they will be playing on potentially smaller fields when compared to outside options. Our indoor fields can help your young player get more ball touches as well as scoring opportunities throughout the playing experience. Also, our modern fields can also help your children enhance their overall speed and sharpen their skill levels at their own pace. Year-round practice will definitely show on the field once the game is back in season, helping your soccer stars get an edge over the competition.


What’s another major perk of using our arena for your child’s soccer experience? Minimal time spent with game stoppages. Our indoor soccer sessions often allow the children to continue to play with minimal game stops to keep them moving and learning while playing.


When choosing Players Indoor Sports as your go-to place for indoor soccer, your child will also enjoy extensive social benefits as well. Throughout the season, your children will have the chance to interact with peers in an active environment. They will also strengthen their ability to engage with mentors and coaches, all while building an appreciation for the game, increasing their coachability, and enhancing their overall confidence on the field. It’s a great way to give your young kickers a positive soccer experience from start to finish.


Want to learn more about our indoor Naperville soccer sessions? Contact us or come see our state-of-the-art sporting arena for yourself!


Players Indoor Sports: Topping Your List Of Corporate Family Event Ideas In Naperville

Players Indoor Sports: Topping Your List Of Corporate Family Event Ideas In NapervilleHere at Players Indoor Sports, as a leading sporting arena, we often partner with business owners looking to create a fun and exciting corporate function. Whether they are celebrating a special company milestone, trying to strengthen their corporate team or even hosting clients for an evening out, Players Indoor Sports has proven that, when it comes to having fun and getting moving, we are the perfect venue choice. We can quickly customize an event itinerary that resonates with all attending guests, no matter what type of professional function you have in mind.


Why Players Indoor Sports Should Top Your List Of Corporate Family Event Ideas In Naperville


When’s another great time to partner with Players Indoor Sports for a corporate function? When you find yourself brainstorming fun corporate family event ideas in Naperville and the surrounding regions. If you’re currently considering various corporate family event ideas in Naperville, it’s important to remember that you are no longer relegated to the standard “company picnic.” Instead, you can partner with Players Indoor Sports to enjoy a virtually endless list of benefits that come when hosting your function with us.


When choosing Players Indoor Sports for your next company event, you’ll quickly learn about the many ways our facility proves a better option when compared to other corporate family event ideas in Naperville. Working with us offers:


Unparalleled room to roam: As in…95,000 square feet of room to roam! No matter how big or small your guest list is, Players Indoor Sports can easily and comfortably host your attendees for a day of fun.


Centralized location: Another major perk of using our indoor facility? You’ll actually get to spend time with your employees and their families. All too often, an outdoor venue means that your team members don’t ever actually see their co-workers. Not so with our sporting arena; we provide a state-of-the-art, centralized location so everyone can celebrate together and you’ll never have to worry about anyone missing out on various announcements and activities throughout the day.


Various packages and price points: Here at Players Indoor Sports, we understand firsthand that some fiscal years are better than others. No matter what type of revenue year you’re experiencing, you’ll still be able to create a customized function with us. We offer a wide range of options at accessible price points to help our customers stay on budget, yet still host a fabulous and fun family event.


All gear provided: Best of all, once we’ve worked together to outline the activities you want in your event, Players Indoor Sports will provide all the necessary equipment and gear. We’ll even provide a point person assigned to your event to keep the flow of activities moving smoothly and ensure that all your events stay on time. You, your team and their families simply need to show up ready to have fun and we can take care of the rest!


Want to hear more about how Players Indoor Sports’ state-of-the-art facility proves a perfect choice for your company when you’re looking for corporate event ideas in Naperville? Contact us today.


Players Indoor Sports: Helping Make Your Sports Themed Naperville Birthday Parties A Success

Players Indoor Sports: Helping Make Your Sports Themed Naperville Birthday Parties A SuccessHere at Players Indoor Sports, as a leading choice of venue for Naperville birthday parties for children of all ages, we understand firsthand that themed birthday parties are a fun way for parents to celebrate their little ones’ special days. That’s why we offer a wide range of ways for our parents to customize their children’s Naperville birthday party to go along with a particular theme that they have in mind. Favorite characters, colors and styles are just some of the many ways we can help make a child’s event feel like it was designed specifically for him or her.


What’s one popular birthday party theme for children (and even adults) of all ages? A sports motif. Boys and girls alike love having a function that focuses on sports to help celebrate their birthday milestone and make their day even more special and memorable.


Players Indoor Sports: Benefits Of Using Us For Your Sporty Naperville Birthday Parties


If you have a sports enthusiast who’s about to celebrate a birthday, Players Indoor Sports can prove a great hosting venue for you. We proudly offer a state-of-the-art sporting facility that’s perfectly suited to cater to any vision you have for sports themed Naperville birthday parties. Sporting events, activities and games are a core priority with us, so we can instantly help set the tone of your festivities for a fun-filled day.


When using our innovative arena, you’ll enjoy an impressive litany of advantages that makes Players Indoor Sports THE place to host your sports themed Naperville birthday parties. First and foremost? When working with us you’ll enjoy a massive (as in 95,000 square feet!), modern facility that offers ample room for guests to get moving in, no matter how large your invite list may be.


Additionally, when using Players Indoor Sports for your sports themed Naperville birthday parties, we deliver access to one key component for ultimate success: ACTUAL SPORTS. With us, you’ll never have to settle for just having a sports accessory motif; instead, we can actually help coordinate various sporting activities to let your guests get in on the action throughout the day.


Most importantly, the team at Players Indoor Sports never offers cookie-cutter celebrations when planning Naperville birthday parties. We happily partner with parents to customize our events based on the guest of honor’s personal tastes and preferences. Is your little one a fan of one sport or athletic team? We can help you create a day that focuses on that particular activity. Is your child just an all-around sporting fanatic? Not a problem! We can create a day that incorporates a multitude of events and activities. Best of all, whatever activities you choose for your celebration, we will provide all the needed equipment to make your day a success. We even provide a point person to coordinate and manage everything on your function itinerary. You and your guests simply need to show up ready to play and have fun!


Want to hear more about how Players Indoor Sports can help make your Naperville birthday parties a success? Contact us today.


8 Reasons Why Players Indoor Sports Outshines Other Fun Places For Kids’ Birthdays In Naperville

8 Reasons Why Players Indoor Sports Outshines Other Fun Places For Kids' Birthdays In NapervilleHere at Players Indoor Sports, we know firsthand that celebrating a child’s birthday is a big event. We also understand that, when it comes to sourcing fun places for kids’ birthdays in Naperville and throughout the region, you have many venues to choose from. Although you may have a range of venue options, parents partnering with us quickly realize that we offer a unique set of service differentiators that quickly sets us apart from other fun places for kids’ birthdays in Naperville.


Players Indoor Sports: Choosing Us Over Other Fun Places For Kids’ Birthdays In Naperville


What can you expect when choosing Players Indoor Sports over other fun places for kids’ birthdays in Naperville? We proudly offer key features and benefits that include:


A customized event from start to finish: Unlike other venue facilities that offer one-size-fits-all celebrations, the team at Players Indoor Sports partners with our parents to create a customized event tailor-made to suit your child’s specific interests.


Activities perfect for all age groups: Have a wide range of ages attending your function? No problem! When working with our professional staff, we can create a day of activities that can work with virtually every age group to ensure that everyone feels included and has fun.


No need for weather contingency plan: If you’ve ever hosted an outdoor birthday party, you already know firsthand that the weather can prove a stressful obstacle to ultimate success. When choosing us over other venue options, you’ll never have to worry about weather; our state-of-the-art indoor sporting complex will be ready and waiting for you and your guests, no matter what the temperature or precipitation outside.


Fun way for guests to get active: At Players Indoor Sports, we are firm advocates of helping people of all ages get active. Hosting your child’s birthday party with us is a perfect way to get your guests moving…all while having fun.


All necessary sporting equipment: Additionally, when getting active with your guests, we will provide all the equipment you’ll need based on your chosen activities.


Food and beverages: All the running around is sure to work up an appetite and thirst with your guests. We offer refreshments to ensure that everyone is ready to keep their energy levels up throughout the event.


Plenty of space: Tired of calling other fun places for kids’ birthdays in Naperville, only to discover that they don’t have nearly enough space to hold all of your guests? Not a problem with Players Indoor Sports. Our cutting-edge sporting complex boasts over 95,000 square feet in total — no matter how big your guest list, everyone will have plenty of room to roam at our facility.


Private space for birthday festivities: Once everyone has had a chance to run around and have fun, Players Indoor Sports will help convene everyone in a private function room. Here, you’ll be able to have cake, open presents and further celebrate the special guest of honor.


For more information on our fun approach to kids’ birthdays, contact us today!


Corporate Event Venues In Naperville: How To Put The “Fun” In Company Functions

Event Venues for CorporationAre you currently sourcing corporate event venues in Naperville, but are struggling to pinpoint the best location for your next company gathering? You’re not alone; for many entrepreneurs searching through the seemingly endless list of corporate event venues in Naperville, the task can feel challenging. Hosting a corporate event for your employees is a pretty significant task that can yield an impressive range of benefits. From strengthening employee rapport to building (and sustaining) long-term internal relationships, the perks of getting your team together offsite are virtually endless and make finding the best corporate venues in Naperville a must.

Players Indoor Sports: Extensive Event Features That Set Us Apart From Other Corporate Event Venues In Naperville

Here at Players Indoor Sports, we recognize just how critical sourcing the best corporate event venues in Naperville is for our local entrepreneurs. Settling for a lackluster venue with ho-hum activities can make your team feel like you don’t value their corporate contribution. We understand that hosting a boring and uneventful event may even damage the relationship you have with your employees. That’s why we proudly offer a wide range of features and benefits that set us apart from other corporate event venues in Naperville. When teaming with us, we will work with you to create a customized final event that truly puts the “fun” in company function.

Key Ways We Stand Out As A Winner Amongst Other Corporate Event Venues In Naperville

How do we stand out as a winner amongst other corporate event venues in Naperville? Our features and amenities include:

Spacious function areas: It’s no secret that not having enough room for your guests and activities can put a major damper on the overall vibe of the event. That will never happen with Players Indoor Sports. We offer a large, state-of-the-art facility that truly offers ample room for you and your guests to roam throughout the function.

Activities galore: Beyond the space itself, it’s also imperative to offer your team a wide range of fun, engaging activities during the event. Not a problem when teaming with Players Indoor Sports. Our cutting-edge facility is set up for an extensive assortment of ways to get your team moving and having fun. Basketball, soccer and flag football are just some of the activities our business owners choose for their function. Prefer to kick it old school with your team? Not a problem; we can also outfit your evening with everything you’ll need for tag, jump rope competitions, dodgeball and more.

Room for live entertainment: Looking at corporate event venues in Naperville that can support live entertainment options? Look no further than Players Indoor Sports. Our facility can more than handle a litany of live entertainment options. DJ’s, magicians, live bands — no matter what you have in mind for entertaining your team, we can help get it set up and supported throughout the function for a team get-together your employees will never forget.

Want to hear more about how our state-of-the-art facility proves a perfect choice for your next company function? Visit our website today at:


Looking For Places For Kids’ Birthdays In Naperville? Why Players Indoor Sports Delivers

Birthday Party Places in NapervilleHere at Players Indoor Sports Center, we recognize that parents everywhere find a wide range of impressive milestones in their children’s lives that deserve a celebration. We often work with parents to find the best way to commemorate those special moments in their little one’s childhood. From losing a first tooth, to celebrating a distinctive academic achievement, it’s our privilege to provide a forum for parents hoping to celebrate their child in a fun, unique way.

Hosting At Home Vs. Sourcing Outside Places For Kids’ Birthdays In Naperville

While we understand that there are virtually countless opportunities to celebrate every child, here at Players Indoor Sports, we know that few special occasions garner as much planning and attention as a child’s birthday. Our team of party planning specialists knows that every year parents everywhere struggle to answer one very specific two-part question when starting to plan their child’s event: Should I host the party here at home, or should I begin to look for fun places for kids’ birthdays in Naperville?

At Players Indoor Sports, we often partner with parents who may initially feel like they want to host their child’s birthday party festivities at home…until they hear about the many benefits that holding their little one’s celebration at our 95,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility delivers. Allowing us to manage the festivities rather than coordinating the event at home offers an impressive litany of benefits including:

Virtually endless activity options: One of the biggest parental perks of partnering with Players Indoor Sports? Access to a virtually endless list of activity options that can be incorporated throughout your event. We often work with parents who have tired of standard, generic birthday ideas such as arcades and bouncy houses. At Players Indoor Sports, we can personalize your child’s day to suit his or her own distinctive tastes and preferences. Your child and her party guests will burn tons of energy in a wide range of activities, all while having fun!

Total party planning management: It’s no secret that planning a party at home means a lot of work for moms and dads as they iron out all the many details needed to guarantee a fun function. Players Indoor Sports eliminates all the legwork for you; we manage all the logistics, from party invitations to final headcount and everything in between. You simply have to show up at your readymade, personalized function.

Food and beverages: What child’s birthday party would be complete without food, snacks and beverages? Teaming with us for your celebration eliminates the need to plan and prepare a party menu for guests — we handle it all for you. We’ll provide food and drink according to your headcount to ensure that no one leaves the party hungry.

What’s perhaps the biggest perk of all that parents enjoy when teaming with Players Indoor Sports? Absolutely no cleanup! You’ll never stress over mess when holding your function at our venue. We’ll cleanup after your party has ended so you can simply enjoy your day and leave with your guests.

If you’re sourcing places for kids’ birthdays in Naperville, Players Indoor Sports can help. Visit our birthday party page on our website today for more information about how we can make your child’s birthday a huge success.


Players Indoor Sports: Building Your Business Team With Unique Corporate Event Ideas

fun corporate event ideasAt Players Indoor Sports Center, we’ve earned our reputation as THE place for indoor sporting events and functions. No matter what type of activity you have planned, our state-of-the-art facility has the resources needed to make it a success. From local team competitions, to children’s birthday parties, Players Indoor Sports can quickly make your sporting vision a reality.

While people recognize us a the region’s leading indoor sports complex, many of our clients seem surprised when they realize that we also host a wide range of business functions and events. We work with business owners in virtually every industry to brainstorm unique corporate event ideas to achieve their business goals and objectives. What’s one of the most popular reasons to partner with a business to host unique corporate event ideas onsite at our facility? To strengthen the relationship of an internal workforce within a specific organization.

Unique Corporate Event Ideas: Offering Unparalleled Benefits For Your Business Team

When partnering with Players Indoor Sports Center to create unique corporate event ideas for your organization, you’ll deliver ample opportunity for your team to enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits such as:

Enhancing interpersonal relationships: What’s one of the biggest reasons business owners work with us for their internal event? To help build and strengthen the interpersonal professional relationships between their employees. Spending a day staying active together can help strengthen bonds and deepen the level of trust amongst your staff. Many of our business owners even find that our unique corporate event ideas can help their workforce improve their overall communication levels, simply by working at our facility toward one common sporting goal.

Pinpointing what’s working, and what needs work: Every business owner we work with has a list of items that she feels are strengths within her organization…and also knows which areas may need improvement. However, many of our partners leave our facility having identified even further areas of strength and weakness. Participating in a day of active engagement as a team can help bring to light both strengths and weaknesses of your team that you didn’t even know existed.

Removing boundaries in the workplace: Team building is a key benefit of incorporating unique corporate event ideas with your employees at our facility. Gathering up your crew for a day of out of the office fun will not only instill the spirit of teamwork, but it can also eliminate any of the perceived boundaries felt within your place of business to foster a more positive workplace experience moving forward.

Improve creativity: Additionally, working with your employees to strengthen their team spirit can also help improve their creativity and problem solving abilities back at work. By learning more about each other in a more personal environment, your team will learn how to move forward together to achieve specific goals more creatively, productively, and with more organization than before.

Ready to brainstorm unique corporate event ideas for your teambuilding vision? Let us help, contact us today.


Party On! Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas In Naperville

Naperville Corporate Event EntertainmentPlanning company parties is a tough job. Especially after you’ve been doing it for several years, it can be really hard to come up with new ideas. Everybody does the fancy dinner with speeches afterward, and let’s face it, those evenings are not that exciting. Why not make the party more fun for you and your employees with some new corporate event entertainment ideas? Naperville is full of resources for amazing company events, even in places you never thought to look.

Wine Tasting

Have you ever thought about a wine tasting? Of course, this will only work if all of your employees are of age, but if that’s the case this could be a terrific event. With some tasty hors d’oeuvres, a classy string quartet, and some nice wines to choose from as well as non-alcoholic beverages for any employees who choose not to drink, the party guests will enjoy a sophisticated evening out.

Five-Card Draw, Deuces Are Wild

A group trip to Las Vegas is way outside your budget, but a local casino night might not be! You can either book an evening at a local casino, or else create one yourself. Rent or build some game tables, like blackjack, poker, and baccarat, and give each employee some chips to play with so that they’re not gambling their paychecks away! Add some music, snacks, and drinks, and it will be a company party that everyone will remember.

O Tannenbaum

Have you ever thought about holding your end-of-year party at a Christmas tree farm? Believe it or not, these are great corporate event entertainment ideas. Your employees can spend a day out in the snow enjoying winter sports, sleigh rides, and snowball fights, and the farm will usually provide a hall where everyone can enjoy hot chocolate and snacks. Employees who celebrate Christmas can even go home with a Christmas tree!

Play Ball!

For a great change of pace, team sports make for exciting corporate event entertainment ideas! Naperville is full of baseball fields, tennis courts, and volleyball nets, all of which are fun for just about everybody as well as being ideal for team building. Of course, here in Illinois, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with plans to go outdoors. Luckily, there are also indoor sports complexes like Players Indoor Sports Center! Choosing a venue like this means that your company will have plenty of sporting fun no matter what season it is.

Consult Your Employees For Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas In Naperville

If these ideas just won’t work for your organization, ask your colleagues! You never know, somebody in the office might just have the perfect plan for a memorable company party. Plus, if they’re involved in the planning, they’re more likely to come!

Of course, coming up with corporate event entertainment ideas in Naperville is always easier when you have some help. Just call up Players Indoor Sports Center and we’ll be glad to help you put together a company party that everyone will remember!

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