Corporate Team Event Ideas: What You Need To Know To Plan An Excellent Team Building Activity

Naperville Team Building EventIf you’re in charge of planning a corporate team building event, you probably know that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Before you start to plan your event, make sure that you’re considering all the corporate team event ideas, including where the event should be held, what your employees are going to do and even what they’re going to eat. Players Indoor Sports Center can help throughout all steps of the planning process, which can help make your event a successful one.

Corporate Team Event Ideas: Where To Hold It?

The best corporate team event ideas will get your employees out of the office — after all, it’s hard to get employees enthusiastic about a team building event if it takes place in your own break room or conference room. When you’re looking for a place to hold your event, look for one that can accommodate groups of nearly any size. Players Indoor Sports Center offers three 100×200 indoor sports fields with state of the art turf and one 50×80 training field. No matter how big or small your group is, Players Indoor Sports Center can find the best space for you within the facility.

Corporate Team Event Ideas: Decide What Your Employees Are Going To Do

Going off-site isn’t enough when you’re looking for corporate team event ideas. You’ll need to have some activities planned to keep your employees moving and motivated throughout the day. Players Indoor Sports Center offers a number of different activities that are guaranteed to get your employees up and moving, and best of all, working together as a team. You’ll be able to choose from kickball, dodgeball and recess games like red light, green light, tag, relay races and even red rover. What you play doesn’t actually matter; instead, you want your employees to focus on working together in teams while having fun.

Corporate Team Event Ideas: What’s To Eat?

All this fun has probably helped your employees work up an appetite. So feed them! Players Indoor Sports Center has a café and bar that offers your staff the opportunity to recharge their batteries after all that fun and you can choose light snacks or full meals, depending on your budget and your personal wishes. If you can, make arrangements beforehand so that your employees can immediately go from playing field to the café without having to sit around waiting for the food to be prepared. Some companies choose to serve light cocktails, but others wish to stick with sodas and tea. Whether you choose to serve beer or other cocktails is up to your event organizers — there’s no right or wrong answer.

If you’re looking for the best corporate team event ideas, make sure that you’re considering where the event is going to be held, what your employees are going to do, as well as what they’re going to eat and drink when you’re ready for a break.

If you’re planning a corporate event, let Players Indoor Sports Center help you create an activity that they’ll remember all year long. To learn more about our facility, visit our website at

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