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What is a Bubbleball? A bubbleball is a big inflatable sphere that you wear on the field. Only a players legs are exposed when it is worn properly.


Join us for a BubbleBall Drop in Day!

All participants must register online and complete waiver.  Must be at least 9 years old through adult.  The captain will receive an email with a link to enter names of group. There are different sizes of bubbles.
Choose a 1 hour time slot for your group.
non-refundable Deposit $60.00  ~~ balance of$180.00 due before session.

Register for 12-1pm

Register for 1-2pm

Register for 2-3pm

Register for 3-4pm

Register for 4-5pm

Questions? Call or email Gus,

Game Options

Bubble Soccer: Indoor soccer without a goalie, played in teams of 3-10. The best way of playing soccer without running for miles. Yet a great workout!

Bubble Kickball: A fun variation of kickball. Players kick the ball and try to make it around the bases. Catching team players must first touch the ball before they are allowed to move and then run to knock down the runners before they get to each base.

Sumo Smash: A straightforward game where two players must enter into a ring. Players have to try to force the other party out of the ring in order to win.

Royal Rumble: Similar to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), players enter the ring at every interval to battle out for the last man standing to win the crown title.

Zombie Ball: (Think Sharks and Minnows)One player, the zombie, starts off in the center circle of the field while all the others, the freedom fighters, start at one end. The objective of a freedom fighter, is to be the last person who does not get infected and makes it to the safe zone. Safe zones can be goal lines or boxes marked out on each end of the field. All freedom fighters must run with each whistle blow to make it from one end’s safe zone to the other end without getting knocked over. If they get knocked over they are infected and must join the center zombie in the center circle to try and capture the other freedom fighters. Zombies must be in the center circle on each whistle blow. When only one freedom fighter is left s/he has one last chance to get from one end to the other. In this final run, the center circle becomes an additional safe zone. Zombies must start outside of the circle on the opposite half of the field, to give a chance to the freedom fighter to make it to the half way zone. If the freedom fighter makes it to the other end safe zone, s/he is declared the winner.

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