INDIAN PRAIRIE SHOWDOWN 2015 – July 24. 25. 26


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USLacrosse women’s/youth rules will be used for the IPS. Youth teams will follow modified checking rules.

–    Round Robin pool play with pool winners advancing into division finals. All other teams will play consolation bracket.
–    Each pool will have a winner based on (W/L/T). Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points. In case of ties in point totals we will use the following criteria:
o    Win/Loss Record
o    Head to Head
o    Goals allowed
o    Goals scored
o    Coin toss if two team, and pick from a hat if 3+

–    Games will be full-field and teams will follow modified checking rules.

–    All game will run on a central horn that will sound then start and end of each half and game. Games will have (2) x 25 minute halves running clock with a 3 minute halftime. There will be NO TIMEOUTS DURING ANY GAME. Teams are urged to be ready to play at the start of the horn.

Due to the extreme heat this summer, we will incorporate a 1 minute water break each half. This is not intended for coaching, this is so the players can stop and stay hydrated.  The field manager will alert the officials approximately 10 minutes into each half, it will be up to the officials to deem an appropriate time to take a water break.
–    Youth games: Officials may elect to add a 2nd water break in each half based on weather conditions.

Substitutions will be according to USL rules, please use the designated ub box.

–    Jersey numbers should be worn on the front & back of all jerseys
–    It will be up to the officials’ discretion to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment including the wearing of an orthopedic cast or hard brace. Mouth guards and eye protection are mandatory for ALL players.

Delays, postponements and game suspensions will be at the Tournament Directors/Facility Directors discretion. The schedule may be modified if necessary due to inclement weather or poor field conditions. 3 long blasts of an air horn = lightning…clear the playing fields IMMEDIATELY!!! We must have 20 min of NO lightning, before returning to the fields. All fields will be cleared. It is the coaches responsibility to have their team ready to play following a weather delay. A temporary command center will be set up underneath the pavilion for questions OR go to for updates.

–    Releasable penalty: A player receiving a yellow card will be suspended from play for 2 minutes. She must serve her time kneeling in the substitution box. If the opposing team scores within the 2 minutes, the penalty is released and both teams are full strength. If opposing team does not score or offending team scores, the penalty must be served in full.
–    A player or coach receiving 2 yellow cards in a single game is out for the remainder of that game. The player/coach who received 2 yellow cards will be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.
–    A player/coach who is ejected for a violent conduct or serious foul play, RED CARD, will not be allowed to play in the next game and may be subject to tournament suspension. Any player or coach who assaults another will be expelled from the tournament and law enforcement may be used. Ejections are determined by the referees; expulsions by the tournament director.

If in the opinion of game officials, a game must be suspended for any reason, the game may be resumed but is subject to being terminated not less than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game. If in the opinion of game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench coaches, or spectators, the offending team could be suspended from further play and forfeits that game and all remaining games.

Delays of the game due to injury may result in shortened game times. All games must end 5 min prior to the next scheduled game on that field. Ice for injuries will be placed at the tables. Field Managers/table officials will be assigned to each field and can call the trainer to your field in case of injury or emergency.

Home team will be the team that appears first on the schedule. The home team will be required to switch to alternate jerseys to accommodate a color conflict as declared by the umpires. If the home team cannot supply alternate jerseys, the visitor team will change. HOME TEAM should be on the Left Bench when facing the field.

There is no overtime in pool play.

Teams failing to report to assigned games/field within 3 minutes of the scheduled time will forfeit that game. It will appear as a 1-0. If the team comes late, both teams may opt to play the remainder of the scheduled game. Officials must be present.

All disputes will be settled by the Tournament Director. His/Her decision will be final.

We will announce the all-tournament team on Sunday. The team will consist of 1 player from each pool both HS and YOUTH. We will post the All-Tournament team on the Blog spot (, facebook, and twitter OR check the information tent for your name to see if you have been nominated.



Get ready for our BEST YEAR YET at the 2015 Indian Prairie Showdown!

Registration opens January 2015.

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