OUR FACILITYState of the Art Indoor Sports Complex in Naperville

You have a few venues to choose from if you’re looking for indoor sports facilities in Naperville. Players Indoor Sports stands above the rest, though, with a bright 95,000 square feet of fun and fitness, all with the best in cutting-edge sports surfacing. We host indoor sports leagues for adults and children, business events, birthday parties, dog shows, craft shows, or any other creative event you can dream up! Bring the kids and play in our video a
rcade, or stop by with your buddies to work on your skills for the next game. Players Indoor Sports facilities in Naperville can accommodate it all.

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Want to know how Players was built? Check out this video from Steel Building Systems: Building of Players Indoor

You may have seen recently that there are some health concerns regarding certain types of turf fields, specifically turf made from styrene butadiene rubber, or “crumb rubber,” essentially, tiny black crumbs made from pulverized car tires. While these types of turf have been reported on unfavorably in the media, we want to be clear that Players DOES NOT use this type of turf material. You can view the original article and video here:


Players three turf fields are filled with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber) granules which were specifically created for turf fields with safety in mind. The uniform consistency of the granules are a give-away when comparing EPDM turf with re-purposed rubber/tire turf fill. Our turf fields are also never exposed to the elements; heat, animal waste etc., and are groomed on a regular basis.

While there are of course always risks with any man-made surfaces, Players is 100% confident in the product we provide to our friends, family and customers. Should you have any questions about our turf, please contact us!


Our large, open facility features:

  • Indoor Sports Fields: Players Indoor Sports offers three 100’x200′ indoor sports fields, all with state-of-the-art turf to help you play the best game you can play. Join a league or reserve the field for your soccer, lacrosse, or football game or practice.
  • Training Field: We offer a separate 50’x80′ training field, ideal for running drills, perfecting plays, improving team skills, or attending clinics hosted by professional athlete players of your sport of choice.
  • Sports-Specific Training Areas: Players Indoor Sports has areas specifically geared to helping you improve specific skills for your favorite sports. Want to work on your golf swing or your batting average? Come to Players. Hone your soccer or lacrosse skills, or improve your volleyball serve. Your game will be better than ever.
  • Pro Shop: Not only do we help you improve your skills, we also offer a diverse range of equipment in our pro shop for sale or to rent. Experience the difference that using professional equipment can make in your performance.
  • Snack Shop & Bar: Situated close to the action, our snack shop and bar provide the fuel you need and the snacks you crave. Our bar is also a favorite during parties or other events.

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