Fun Corporate Event Ideas: 3 Unique Ways To Have A Good Time

Naperville Corporate Event IdeasThe saying “All work and no play makes a dull day” is certainly true. However, many companies are so focused on workplace productivity that they completely forget that their employees are real people, not workplace robots! If you want to improve productivity and help your employees bond with each other, consider planning an event outside of the office. Inserting a little fun into your work day can help create employees who feel as if they’re a part of a valued team, rather than just someone who’s there to fill a quota. If you’re not sure how to arrange a day like this, here are a few fun corporate event ideas that nearly everyone can appreciate.

Fun Corporate Event Ideas: Have A Chili Cook-Off

Everyone loves to eat and inserting a little bit of competition can be fun! Consider combining these two fun corporate event ideas with a chili cook-off. Employees can bring in pots of their favorite chili and everyone can vote on their favorite in a blind taste test. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more interactive, provide a special ingredient and make everyone come up with their own creation that’s centered about the ingredient, Iron Chef style. Hold your cook-off in the parking lot and ask employees to bring propane gas burners or grills so that you have enough cooking space.

Fun Corporate Event Ideas: Be A Kid Again

Games are great ways to bond and can help your staff feel like they’re back in school for their favorite subject — recess! Players Indoor Sports Center offers a number of programs for companies that want to get their employees up and moving. Employees can play a friendly game of soccer or kickball before relaxing in the facility’s café, but it’s also possible to play recess games like Red Rover, tag, Red Light, Green Light and others. One of the benefits of partnering with Players Indoor Sports Center is that you’ll have a party host that will keep the entire day moving so all you need to do is show up.

Fun Corporate Event Ideas: Give Back By Volunteering

If you’re looking for a way to bond and better your community at the same time, consider volunteering with your employees. Ask your workers if there are any local charities that are near and dear to their hearts — when your employees get to choose the charity, they’re likely to be more enthusiastic about volunteering their time. Some popular volunteer opportunities include Habitat for Humanity, spending time at your local animal shelter, visiting a nursing home or visiting a local elementary school and reading to schoolchildren. Some organizations do have rules that must be followed before you can volunteer so it’s important to get permission before just showing up!

A chili cook-off, enjoying a day out of the office to play bonding games and volunteering in your local community are just three fun corporate event ideas that businesses can use. If these aren’t quite right for your company, talk to your employees and ask if they can think of any other fun corporate event ideas that perfectly fit your business.

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