Looking For Good Places For Birthdays? Consider These Ideas

Naperville Birthdays for KidsIf the thought of inviting 10 children over to your house for a birthday party fills you with dread, you’re not alone! Home birthday parties, while certainly fun, are stressful for parents who are responsible for planning. You often need to worry about providing food and cake for guests, as well as entertainment. Then, you can’t forget about preparing your home for all those guests! You’ll need to put away any breakables and make sure that valuables are tucked safely out of sight. Instead of going through all this hassle, turn to good places for birthdays outside of your house. Whether you choose a local bakery, an indoor sports center or even a local fire station, you’ll be able to plan an amazing party.

Good Places For Birthdays: A Local Bakery

Cake is an important part of any kid’s birthday, so if you’re looking for good places for birthdays, consider a local bakery! Many will help you plan a party and will have pre-baked cake and frosting already made so that all you have to do is show up! Bring so aprons for the kids (or ask if the bakery provides them) and let them go to town decorating cakes with pastry bags full of fun colored frostings. The best part? Kids get to eat their own creations or take them home to share with their own families.

Good Places For Birthdays: An Indoor Sports Center

If you’re looking for something a little more active, consider an indoor sports complex, like Players Indoor Sports Center. Kids will be able to play games such as kickball, soccer or even just run around and play tag, all in a temperature-controlled environment. Parties also include a personal host who can keep the party moving and your choice of pizza, hot dogs and chips or pretzels and Slushees. When you have your child’s special day at Players Indoor Sports Center, you won’t need to worry about setting up the party or cleaning up after it’s done — we take care of everything.

Good Places For Birthdays: A Fire Station

If you have a little one who wants to be a firefighter when he or she grows up, consider asking your community’s local fire station if the children can come take a tour. Many fire stations welcome the opportunity to share their station with locals and they may even allow you to bring a cake, as long as you share! Some may require a small donation in order to take a tour or see the fire truck first hand and this fee could vary by location. It’s important to remember, however, that these firefighters are on duty so if the bell rings, they are out of there!

While these aren’t the only good places for birthdays, they’re a great start. Before you plan your next party, talk to your children to see if they have any ideas regarding good places for birthdays. When you get their input, you can almost always guarantee that they have a great time!

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