Below are reviews from parents who had birthday parties here at Players Indoor Sports Center.



Cameron 9/10 (Stone)

Stone was fantastic! Very cool under pressure and kept the kids organized. We loved the staff and the facilities. We would not change anything. I would highly recommend a party there and I’m glad we picked it for Cameron to celebrate his birthday with his friends. Thanks

Nolan & Dylan 9/10 (Alex Galasso & Christian)

Thank you so much for hosting our boys’ birthday party. Alex and Christian did a phenomenal job with our high energy boys!! I’ve had many different parties in the area and hands down this was the best. Also, thank you for accommodating to each one of my son’s making them feel like it was their own party not having to share! You made it easy for me too allowing to host 2 parties at one time, thank you, thank you!!!


Annabella 10/14 (Thomas)

Hello, party went well. I liked the fact that the place was not over crowded and the kids were able to stay with each other at all times. Thomas even remembered the kids names which was impressive. I liked that he was able to guide the kids from one event to another without loosing a kid lol. He kept them together and was accountable. He was very helpful in the party room as well making sure kids were fed and that we had enough to drink. Party was a success thank you!

Jordan 10/20 (Raeann) 

We had an excellent time, everyone was very impressed with the service.

Raeann was great she made things run smooth.

James 10/27 (John K)

The party was so much fun. Everyone had a great time. John did an awesome job with James and his friends. I would recommend Players to friends. Thanks.


KENDALL 11/12 (Christian & Nolan)

We were really pleased with Christian and Nolan. They managed the party beautifully. I was just saying to my husband that this was a really well-run party.

SAFA 11/12 (Alex Galasso)

The party was awesome! My daughter and her friends enjoyed it tremendously.

I think Alex did an excellent job in getting things organized and going.

I will definitely recommend players to my friends.

BRANDON 11/19 (Frankie)

Frankie was good. He kept us on time with the events and he played soccer with the kids on the field. He also made sure we are had enough to drink in the party room and the food was served promptly.

Since this is our second party, I have recommended your facility to a lot of the families that I have come across. These families have booked with you already last year and the kids had a ton of fun. Thank you

JAMESON 11/17 (Raeann)

Both the party and the host (Raeann) were wonderful. The boys had a great time, no complaints. Thanks.

KURON 11/26 (Christian)

He was awesome, very friendly and got the kids going. Just wish we had a bigger crowd, but everything turned out great. Kuron said he had the best birthday ever. So with that said I would definitely recommend you guys to friends and family. Thanks!



CONNOR 12/9 (Audrey)

The party overall was great!  Connor and his friends had a great time. Audrey did an excellent job of keeping the boys active and having fun! She did well trying to keep the teams even which was very helpful!

The only comments I would make is that when you walk into the facility there is no one to greet you for the party. I had to walk around and ask someone. Maybe a sign up front indicating which room the kids party is to be held in? I’ve been to Players before, so I did figure it out, but it just seemed disorganized from the start.

Also, each kid did receive 2 pieces of pizza; however, there were only 2 extra pieces left and multiple kids wanted another piece. I know you can’t plan to have too many extras, but I thought with 2 extra kids thrown in maybe another pizza could have been utilized; obviously, by the time you eat it’s too late to throw in another pizza since the party is over, just a thought. I would recommend Players to other parents looking to host a party.