Below are reviews from parents who had birthday parties here at Players Indoor Sports Center.


JACK  2/3   (Andrew)
Yes! The party was a big hit! The kids had a blast and Andrew was wonderful!  Best party, hands down!  In fact, the parents were quite impressed and more than one or two were wanting to possibly host a party for their child. Parents are always wanting new ideas for birthday parties and this party kept kids active and engaged. Our kids were exhausted afterward!

JACK  2/5    (Ben M.)
We LOVE LOVE LOVED your facility and Ben and the other helper were AWESOME!  They really got into playing with the boys and wiped them out.  Thank you so much – I have already had 4 friends inquire about the space after the pictures!  The only thing I would change is that you include cheese dip with the pretzels?
Thanks again – we will be back and give Ben a raise!  🙂

ELI 2/11  (Andrew)
Eli loved his party at Players Indoor Sports Center…and so did the parents!!! We did not get a big turnout for the party, so the host was kind enough to offer the parents a chance to play along with the kids. It was so fun and definitely made it more memorable! Andrew was a great host and there was another gentleman at the counter that checked us in and out who was very friendly and made us feel welcome.  We liked that we got to play an assortment of sports and we also liked the amount of time we had to play each one…it was perfect. I also really liked the idea of Eli getting a t-shirt and having his friends sign it…makes for a great keepsake even after he outgrows it! Pizza and drinks were great too. I don’t think I would change anything other than not having the night go by so fast! I am so glad we were able to schedule a time even though it was your busy month for leagues and park district events. I wish we could have a get together like that every month! So, yes, I would definitely recommend a party at Players Indoor Sports Center to others!

HENRY 2/19  (Hannah & RaeAnn)
We could have done with 45 minutes of ‘play time’. The kids were so tired!!!
We already have a friend booking for a summer party! They all had a great time.

ALEX 2/25  (RaeAnn)
The party was great and I would definitely recommend it to friends!  Raeann was a great hostess!  My only feedback would be to have an assistant with bubbleball.   One person can not help 14 boys at once.  As a result, a few boys got hurt.  The boys who had played bubbleball before got in and started playing fine right away.  However, boys that were new needed help getting set up.  When the new boys were not completely in their balls, they were getting knocked around.  There were a few hurts knees and a head.  NO fault of the hostess.  She just need an extra set of eyes and hands.

ISAAC 3/3 (Danny)
It was great! Thanks


RYAN  1/6  (Michael)
Everything was perfect! Michael was a fabulous fit for Ryan’s party because he knew soccer, played soccer. He was also very courteous, appropriate and professional with my husband and I, while still being the “cool host” with the boys.
I would definitely do another party at your facility and I would recommend your facility to friends and family.
I also appreciated understanding that fact that Ryan is not a little kid and allowed us to use the cafe instead of the younger-aged party room. Again, super cool.
Thanks for making everything special!  Thank you for making Ryan’s birthday special!

BEN 1/6 (Tyler)
We had a great time and LOVED Tyler. He was FANTASTIC!
He was so engaging with all the kids. It was fun watching all the boys.
It’s a great facility to host a party.  Thank you!

BRANDON 1/13 (Dallin)
Party was great but party room was freezing 60 degrees and host said he couldn’t adjust it.

KIRAN 1/14 (Danny & Andrew)
Hosts were great.  I had several parents comment how well they handled the party.  Kids loved the variety of different games.  It would be nice to have more than one computer for check in. Even though I sent an email out with the link for the waiver, some still didn’t do it.
Absolutely, I would recommend Players for a Party!

MADELYN 1/14 (Kaitlyn)
Madelyn loved her party and everyone had a blast!  We thought that Kaitlyn was one of the best party hosts we’ve ever had (and we’ve done over 30 parties for our kids at this point!).  She made sure that everyone was having a good time, was very friendly and fun, and went out of her way to be helpful in every way possible – can’t say enough good things about her!  The only thing I would change is maybe making the party about 15 minutes longer – it was hard to fit the pretzels, slushies, and cake into a half hour.
I would definitely recommend this party to friends.  Thank you!

KEVYNNE  1/14 (Andrew & Dallin)
Thank you for the event it was great. Andrew and Dallin were great hosts, the room was perfect and the food was good. My only suggestion would be that more pizza be offered. They were able to cook us two more pizzas but two pieces per person were not enough. Other than that it was a great experience and yes I would recommend it to friends.

TROY 1/14 (Danny)
Kids loved the bubbles and they were excited when they fixed or patched the broken ones so all 14 kids could play.  Danny just told us they were broken. When we checked in for our party of 14, that wasn’t mentioned. Only when kid #13 & 14 showed up did I have to go to front desk to ask what could be done. So I guess whoever setup field should have told Danny or front desk so this could have been resolved before our arrival.
This was our 2nd time having a party there. Both times we’ve picked an event but end up doing more than just what was chosen. They thought the sumo wrestling was fun.
What we didn’t like was that Danny kept suggesting playing football. We chose this party so we could use the bubbles but more important is that Troy, the host, didn’t want to play football. After he suggested football, Troy’s dad had to say “TROYwants to play bubble soccer, who else wants to play?” I think Danny figured out then that we didn’t want them playing football.
I liked trying different things out, that was fun, but I would have liked Danny or someone there to ask us. I did notice he had a football and pennies when he walked them over to the field but didn’t say a word to us about playing football.
Danny was helpful with the pizza and drinks.
I would recommend Players to people for a party.


RONAN   12/3  (Chris )
The party was great and Chris was awesome with the kids. We are very happy and the other parents are happy to know of another place to have parties. I’m sure they will pick Players in the future too.

JACK  12/4 (Thomas)
We loved it Kathy – Jack and his friends had a great time.
My son had his 10th birthday party and the staff was very easy to work with, send reminders to me about who was yet to fill out waivers.
They had staff person concierge the entire party from soccer to football and dodgeball.
They were equally helpful as we got extra pizza and pop for the 15 kids.
I would definitely think about hosting another event there!
As far as what to change:  Have the host at the desk be more forward on asking if they could hold stuff for the families.  At times, they were busy with other guests – but if we’re going to have a concierge – have some available at all times for our needs

GRACE 12/3  (Michael)
Michael was fantastic!  He was engaged with the kids and playful, yet still had control.  He was confident with the adults, and took charge while remaining respectful the entire time.  If I had any advice, it would just be in regards to food distribution.  He would ask “Who wants red and who wants orange?”  Rookie move.  😉. A little training on a more efficient way to distribute food when there are choices would help.  For example, if he would just make one pass with Root Beer and pour it for the kids who want root beer and then go through a second time for the kids who want Sprite…  he would find it easier than trying to remember who wanted what.
Also, one little girl got hit in the face pretty hard with a soccer ball.  I think he needs to know what the procedure would be for an injury (even a small one.).  For example, he maybe could have confidently said something to her and then told me “there are ice packs available…”. Something.  He just looked a little shocked.  Not a big deal though.
He really was fantastic!!!  Great kid!

JUNE & ELLIS  12/3  (Stefania)
Stefania was wonderful, we loved her and she did a great job! Everyone had a great time, I wouldn’t change a thing and we already have recommended having a party here to our friends. Thanks so much

DANE  12/11  (Kaitlyn J)
The party was great.  It was second one we had there this year and would definitely recommend to a friend.  Kaitlyn was great and kept the boys busy and moving.  We love the events you offer (many to choose from and all that get them running and keep them busy.  We loved the hosts at both the boys party.  They handled everything and made it easy on us!  Nothing we’d change.  The only thing I would say was the pizza wasn’t great at first party but the icees and pretzels were a hit at the second one.
Thanks for everything

ANDREW  12/17  (Ben)
Ben did a great job.  He handled the kids well and kept it fun too.
I loved the 1/2 hour time slots for the kids.  It worked out great, just enough time.
I would definately recommend a party at Players Indoor Sports Center to my friends.

DECLAN 12/17  (Andrew)
My son and his friends had a blast at the birthday party. It was even stated several times that it was “the best party ever!” Our party host was very friendly and professional. He did a great job organizing the 10 6-year old boys, which is not always an easy task! As a parent, I was able to relax and enjoy watching the kids play, instead of managing it all. The only thing I would change would be providing drinks (water or Gatorade) in between each 30 minute sport session. The drinking fountain was fine, but the kids were REALLY thirsty!
I would recommend a party to a friend. The price was reasonable, especially for including food.

ELLIE 12/18 (Hannah)
We had a really great time at the party, all of the kids and parents agreed that this was a great idea for a young kid’s winter birthday party!
Hannah was great, she ran everything smoothly and was great with the kids.
The only thing that I would suggest for future parties would be to try to guide the play a little bit. I know with 4 year olds, it is not easy, but I think they would have enjoyed some guided/organized games. They spent about 1 hour just running around, each kicking their own soccer ball all over the field. They all loved it and had a great time, but I think they would have also enjoyed trying to play something together as well.
Thanks again for everything, we will certainly be back again!

DIEGO 12/21 (Hannah)
Diego and his friends absolutely loved the party, they all had a great time ! I really enjoyed how easy it was to set everything up with your staff, I liked that the room was all set up. The variety of sports that are offered is really great, if makes it more enjoyable for the kids to be able to switch it up.  I think Hannah did a really great job, she was very good with the kids and was extremely patient! I was impressed how well she was able to deal with 11 rowdy boys! I would definitely recommend the facility and Hannah !!! Thanks again!!